100% Eco-Friendly


Repair/New Pour for Acid-Related Issues

The A-Series gives a final solution to acid-based corrosion issues in any industry. With an unmatched product profile that includes total acid resistance (with no top-coating), extended life-cycle, return to service in hours and superior bonding with existing concrete and metal structures…

A-Series is the Solution

CFC® FP-250

No Other SFRM comes close

With superior properties that no other SFRM can match, our CFC FP-series ups the game in cementitious fireproofing. With a bond strength of over 2500 psi at 45 pcf, FP-250 can be applied (even at our 4-hr rating) in a single lift and chemically bonds with the steel providing exceptional corrosion protection. Being an environmentally friendly GREEN Product is an additional feature making it “Best In Class”.

CFC® FP-250 Video

Changing The Game…

This video will show you the competitive advantage you have been looking for in a SFRM. Not even the Big Three can match this SFRM wonder…
FP250 – Changing the Game

CFC® A1M Mortar Mix


CFC®A1M Mortar is a general chemical resistant mortar. A1M is designed for resistance to sulfuric acid and general purpose use. A1M Mortar is resistant to degradation in various concentrations of sulfuric acid ranging from 0.1-percent to 98-percent with little to no mass loss.