About Us

Another term for Geopolymer is Alkali Activated Cement. Alkali Activated Cements have been around for thousands of years. While in the Roman and Egyptian times the binders were based upon basic materials including crushed limestone and wood ash, and were designed generally with one characteristic consisting of strength; most times low strength, Geopolymer Solutions LLC (GPS) has solved the problems with this material that hundreds of researchers across the globe have been unable to do. The problems consisted of shrinkage (plastic, drying, and autogenous), time of set, caustic behaviors, and relatively low strength. We accomplished this by abandoning the typical researchers path that included unsafe dry and liquid chemicals, without sacrificing quality and the sustainability of Geopolymers’ including ensuring no Portland Cement is used in our mixtures.

GPS has assembled a team of professionals constituting a combined 2 centuries of construction and construction materials experience. The professionals are responsible for navigating the generally coarse path of all new and highly technical materials. The acceptance of our materials has been difficult due to the failure of most academia to solve the problems with the most advanced cement on the planet, and the corresponding disbelief that a private company such as ours has accomplished the task fully. Some of this skepticism has been alleviated by the certification of our production plant and materials by agencies such as Underwriter Laboratories LLC, who have issued three designs to GPS for Spray Applied Fireproofing including certifications for our ASTM C119/UL263 and UL1709 mixtures. The vast majority of our client base consists of return clientele, most of which completed a comprehensive laboratory testing process prior to using our materials.

GPS was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company in February of 2016 and since then, we have been serving the North American Continent with acid resistant concrete/cement materials, and spray applied fireproofing. The quality of our materials was exhibited while at Underwriter Laboratories’ facility in Chicago, Illinois, where surprise was expressed by observers of the fire testing of our materials when the layers did not fall off the columns. Reportedly, materials falling off the columns during the test is a common characteristic of our competitors products. The chemical bonding of all our materials to metal substrates occurs at the molecular level and consequently removes the possibility that all of our materials will ever be removed from the metal after application. This suggests that even during explosions such as aircraft collisions, our material will continue to protect structural items on which it is applied.

We at GPS are proud and excited to serve our community by producing the most advanced building material on the earth. The fact that the production and use of our materials reduces the carbon footprint of cement production by over 90-percent is an added benefit.