• Acid Test A-Series Vs Portland

    Pictures present acid resistance tests performed on Cold Fusion Concrete, with Portland Cement Concrete samples tested in the same acid and concentration. Try to guess which samples are Cold Fusion Concrete.

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  • F250 Steel Beam Application

    Pictures present a demonstration conducted at an extremely reputable coatings company using Cold Fusion Concrete FP250, and the Coating Company’s equipment.

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  • Acid Resistant Cement Base

    Pictures present the construction of a Nitric Acid secondary containment using Cold Fusion Concrete A260.

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  • UL 263/1709 Certification

    Pictures present several segments of one of our many visits to Underwriter Laboratories, LLC, where our Cold Fusion FP250 material underwent extensive analysis for certification and design purposes.

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  • GUNITE Spray Applied Concrete

    Pictures present an event that occurred at Geopolymer Solutions’ plant in Conroe, Texas. An extremely reputable coatings company brought their equipment and sprayed our Cold Fusion Concrete A220 series material in a dry mix gunite application.

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