Most people are surprised to learn that concrete is the second most consumed substance on earth after water. But when you think about it, you can understand how that is possible. You see it every day in everything from office buildings to highways. But it is also used underground to build things you do not see as easily, like manholes and mineral mines.

Unfortunately, the main ingredient in the most widely used concrete accounts for about 5% to 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Shockingly, 5% to 10% constitutes 3,600,000,000 to 7,200,000,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. That is equal to all of the emissions of every car in the United States and one-half of the cars in Europe. It is called Portland cement and it is created by heating limestone and other materials to extreme temperatures, causing gases to be released into the atmosphere at a rate of one ton of carbon dioxide for every ton of cement produced. This is why the environmentalists and the industry are so excited about what Geopolymer Solutions has to offer: an economical, more durable and environmentally friendly concrete with a 90% reduction of the carbon footprint of Portland cement. It is made from waste products like fly ash, ground granulated blast-furnace slag, minerals and other constituents from around the world. And because of that, we can design mixtures using local products from various regions in the U.S., and almost every continent abroad.

Our Cold Fusion Concrete offers tremendous environmental benefits: decreased CO2 output, energy reduction, preservation of virgin resources, reduced landfill requirements and profound water savings. With an increased life cycle of the elements used in our concrete, a substantially reduced cost is realized due to the absence of repairing or replacing it.

If you are ready to start a conversation about using Geopolymer Solutions for your next project or just want to learn more, Contact us. You will feel good about going green while building a beautiful, long-lasting structure.