With all of its strengths, Geopolymer concrete performs well in every temperature and every industry that requires a solid mix of cement products. And because there are fewer restrictions than with Portland cement, you can expect to see stronger and longer-lasting materials in future construction projects.

Industry Scope Of Services:

Chemical Resistant Concrete For The Petrochemical Industry

  • Primary or secondary containment
  • Above or below ground storage tanks
  • Thin or thick liners on existing structures

Concrete For Surface Or Subsurface Mining

  • Coal and mineral mining
  • Wall coating
  • Roof support
  • Entry structures
  • Underground coal mine seals
  • Conveyor slabs in underground or surface mines
  • Subsurface void filler
  • Any application where quality characteristics are needed, and the mine owners wish to save money and gain a positive environmental posture in dealing with waste by-products

Cellular Concrete

  • Void filler
  • Trench backfill
  • Lightweight roofing material
  • Insulating concrete

Structural Concrete

  • Beams, columns, slabs, foundations and walls
  • Pneumatically-placed concrete
  • Self-consolidating or self-leveling concrete
  • Lightweight or heavyweight concrete
  • Pre-cast or pre-stress concrete

Spray-Applied Fire Proofing

  • Dry or wet applications
  • Variable design rating

Specialty Uses

The extremely low shrinkage factor and chemical resistance make it ideal for:

  • Underground mine seals
  • Down-hole cementing
  • Other applications where the material must be deposited long distances or in adverse thermal or pressure conditions