While concrete made with Portland cement is the most widely used, our Cold Fusion Concrete (CFC) will make people think twice when choosing the best building material. That is because there are huge benefits to using this stronger, greener and longer-lasting product. One of them being that it is heat and chemical resistant. That means it performs well in every temperature and in every industry that requires durable concrete. And because there are fewer restrictions than with Portland cement, you can expect to see stronger and longer-lasting materials in future construction projects.

Chemical Resistant

Structures built with our CFC are resistant to chloride and sulfate attack, unlike Portland cement, which is susceptible to these chemicals. Its low permeability and electrically insulated properties reduce chloride migration to embedded steel items to near zero. Sulfate attack and the development of damaging ettringite are reduced to zero through decreased permeability and the use of mitigating materials as the base ingredient. With traditional Portland cement, expansive ettringite can—and many times does—cause catastrophic failures.

Heat Resistant

Geopolymer concrete can withstand extreme heat without a problem, unlike Portland cement which faces extreme age degradation and carbonation when heated.

Better Building Material

Geopolymer is a higher-performing product because of its low shrinkage and chemical resistance in applications such as underground mine seals, down-hole cementing and projects where the material must be deposited long distances or in adverse thermal or pressure conditions.

  1. In down-hole cementing, high heat and pressure exists at the cementing location.
  2. A typical specific gravity increasing admixture of aggregate is included in the mixture to increase unit weight.
  3. Adjustments in the silica, alumina and other proprietary material content of the mixtures are made to control set time.
  4. Due to the elevated in-situ subsurface temperature, the mixture obtains the desired compressive strength within about an hour.
  5. If a higher subsurface temperature does not exist, a small electrical charge can be applied to the material in order to expedite the set time and gain strength faster.
  6. Or a balancing of minerals can be made to achieve the desired results.

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