Nine years of research has gone into developing viable alternatives to standard concrete products. More than 4,000 experiments were performed using hundreds of different ingredients from China, Germany, India, Sweden, Canada, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, as well as various locations in the United States. All were tested in a quest to design environmentally friendly mixtures that would outperform and outlast the concrete that’s most often used today.

  • Geopolymer concrete is produced with a manageable number of local waste products, including waste from the petrochemical industry, coal power production, steel production and more common waste such as glass.
  • The base ingredient in our Geopolymer is most typically Class C or Class F fly ash from coal-powered generation facilities.
  • The fly ash can be replaced with steel production waste or naturally occurring minerals.
  • Adjustments are made to the mixtures based on available waste resources in the Geopolymer production area, thereby cleaning the environment specific to the needs of the local community.
Strength Development Time Can Be Greatly Reduced
  • We can customize the strength of our concrete to as high as 20,000 psi by balancing constituent materials.
  • The ultimate strength can be achieved within 2 hours using electrical treatment or 4 to 6 hours using heat to meet the 28-day strength with normal curing.
  • Realize the benefits of being able to achieve the desired strength in a few hours in applications where pre-cast or field operations require an expedited production.
Mixture Customization

Geopolymer concrete is produced by combining dry or liquid ingredients that are readily found throughout the world. In areas that have no coal-fired power plants, naturally occurring materials can be used with our design process to replace fly ash. Or, it can be mass-produced and shipped to existing ready-mix facilities. Once there, water and aggregates are added and it is ready for use. Geopolymer concrete mixes can also be specially designed for the use of local materials to produce concrete on-site. So no matter what the situation, Geopolymer concrete is the right construction choice.

Portland Cement VS Geopolymer Cement

Portland cement, the most commonly used ingredient in concrete, offers limited methods to expedite strength development. See how the product comparison below.


If you are looking for a green, superior quality concrete for a construction project that requires a quick set time, contact Geopolymer Solutions. We are the only concrete company that can successfully control both the cure time and strength of our building material.