More About Fly Ash

A Coal Combustion By-Product (CCBP).

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Using Fly Ash Reduces Greenhouse Gases

From research data, we know that for each ton of fly ash used instead of traditional cement, there is a reduction of about one ton of carbon dioxide. To put it into perspective: a ton of carbon dioxide is equivalent to about two months’ emissions from a car. Estimating based on the amount of cement produced globally in 2013, replacing cement would save about 3.6 billion tons of carbon dioxide.

Other Benefits Of Using CCBPs

Using fly ash in concrete eliminates the need for trucks and other equipment to dispose of fly ash in a landfill. This further reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

When Portland cement is produced, it requires mining of soil, sand, gypsum and other materials. Using CCBP’s in Geopolymer eliminates the need to mine these natural resources.